Our Emblem and Flag

The Emblem

The Chin Woo emblem takes on the outline of a shield with five pointed edges. At the heart of the shield are three interlaced circles.

Shield: represents love for oneself as well as for others

Five pointed corners: signifies humanitarian love, discernment, careful deliberation, understanding and perseverance

Three interlaced circles: wisdom, benevolence, courage.

Wisdom: to exercise proper judgement.

Benevolence: to love and help others.

Courage: to be brave and not afraid of failure.

Colours of the Flag

Colours of the Flag

The colours yellow, red and blue represent robustness, wisdom and ethics.

Yellow represents: the need to be healthy and fit so as to undertake important tasks.

Blue represents: wisdom, intelligence and discernment.

Red represents: virtue, self-cultivation and striving for a perfect personality